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Cell Assays for Immuno-Oncology R&D

June is Cancer Immunotherapy Awareness Month. Immunotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that enhances the patient’s own immune system to recognize and kill cancer cells. Several immunotherapies have been approved for use in treating cancer, such as checkpoint inhibitors, CAR-T cell therapy, and therapeutic vaccines.The development of immuno-oncology drugs requires understanding their activity such […]

Histological Distribution of Sapien’s Ovarian Cancer Cases

Ovarian cancer is comprised of various tumour groups that are histologically distinct which is important to know for their treatment. The cancer may originate in one or both ovaries, as well as in the nearby fallopian tubes or peritoneum. Diverse types of ovarian cancers are categorized based on the originating cell’s name. Epithelial ovarian carcinomas, […]

BRCA1/2 testing can guide therapy in Ovarian Cancer

Homologous recombination repair (#HRR) pathway repairs double-strand DNA breaks, and its deficiency leads to Homologous recombination deficiency (#HRD), resulting in genomic instability and contributing to cancer.HRD mutations, including #BRCA1 or #BRCA2 mutations are important actionable biomarkers in #Ovariancancer, that are sensitive to #PARP inhibitors that block the repair of #DNAdamage, such as #olaparib, #rucaparib, and […]

Assessment of DLL3 and CD3 Expression in Pediatric Tumor FFPE Samples for Potential DLL3-Targeted Immunotherapy

Delta-like ligand 3 (DLL3), a Notch inhibitory ligand, is a promising therapeutic target that is upregulated in Small Cell Lung Cancers (SCLC) and Neuroendocrine carcinomas but is not detectable in normal adult tissues. Various DLL3-specific therapies are under clinical development, including ADC rovalpituzumab tesirine (#Abbvie), bispecific TCE molecule AMG 757 (#Amgen), and CAR-T therapy AMG […]

The landscape of actionable genomic alterations in lung adenocarcinomas in India

Sapien Biosciences is excited to share our recently published article, titled “The Landscape of Actionable Genomic Alterations in Lung Adenocarcinomas in India,” in Frontiers in Genetics, section Genetics of Common and Rare Diseases. Our retrospective study, involving 53 Indian Lung Adenocarcinoma patients and utilizing a targeted NGS panel of 46 cancer-relevant oncogenes, revealed pathogenic or […]

Timeline of Precision Medicine in Breast cancer

The timeline of breast cancer care and therapy is marked by significant milestones that have transformed patient outcomes and the way we approach this devastating disease as shown in the figure here. From the pioneering mastectomy procedures of the late 19th century to the development of targeted therapies specifically blocking the drivers of breast cancer […]

Staging of Breast Cancer is Important

Advancements in #tumor biology and prognostic #biomarkers, such as the estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), HER2/neu, and Ki-67, have empowered clinicians to understand why patients with similar stages have significantly different outcomes. The 8th edition of the American Joint Committee uses nine stages (0, IA, IB, IIA, IIB, IIIA, IIIB, IIIC, and IV) based […]

Matched Plasma and Tumor blocks Available from Consented Cancer Patients

Sapien’s #biorepository is expanding with the collection of fresh blood from cancer patients prior to surgery, with informed consent. The collection covers all organs, including #Breastcancer (>320 cases). The blood is processed to #plasma and #PBMCs or cell pellets. Matched #FFPE tumor blocks are also available. With 6 sites now, the #biobank is growing rapidly […]

Sapien team at Grace Cancer run

The Sapien #biobank #Hyderabad team showed up with enthusiasm at the Grace Cancer Foundation fundraising event. Our team, along with family and friends, participated in the walk/run with full josh and walking shoes on. The well-organized event made it even more enjoyable.