The landscape of actionable genomic alterations in lung adenocarcinomas in India

Sapien Biosciences is excited to share our recently published article, titled “The Landscape of Actionable Genomic Alterations in Lung Adenocarcinomas in India,” in Frontiers in Genetics, section Genetics of Common and Rare Diseases.

Our retrospective study, involving 53 Indian Lung Adenocarcinoma patients and utilizing a targeted NGS panel of 46 cancer-relevant oncogenes, revealed pathogenic or likely pathogenic variants in 94% of cases. Notable findings include a high prevalence of TP53 (52.8%) and EGFR (50.9%) mutations, gender-based differences in genetic alterations, and the detection of clinically actionable variants in 79% of cases. These results emphasize the crucial role of NGS in uncovering actionable molecular alterations, enhancing our understanding of NSCLC’s molecular landscape, and facilitating personalized treatment for Indian patients based on their unique genetic profiles.

We extend our gratitude to the entire research team, collaborators @Thermo Fisher Scientific, @q-annie-hasan, @Dr Aruna Priya Kamireddy, and Frontiers in Genetics for helping us make this significant contribution to Indian genomics research possible.

Please find the link to our publication below:

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