What is a Bio-Bank ?

Fundamental to Pharmacogenomics or pharmaco-metabolomics or biomarker research is access to high quality biospecimens that have been extensively annotated with clinical, molecular and patient data. Researchers now gather molecular data from human biospecimens to gain great insight into the genetic and molecular basis of diseases.

“10 ideas changing the world right now – and number 8 is BIOBANKS”– Time Magazine 2010

  • Organized collection of anonymized human biological samples & associated data
  • Enable discovery & validation of novel biomarkers, diagnostic tests and new therapeutics
  • Biobanks have a growing impact on medical research & represent a huge opportunity for public health impact

Why Bio-Banking ?

Typical Diagnostics / Pharmaceutical Scientist (imagine this scenario)

If only I can get well-defined samples & data from:
50 patients with unfavorable disease course…
50 patients with no disease/favorable disease course…
I can find the genetic/protein marker that distinguishes between these two groups…
…that will lead to a predictive test and/or new treatment for this disease!

This is the unmet medical need that biobanks enable / fulfill !!!