Vision & Mission

Sapien Biosciences is a joint venture between Apollo Hospitals & Saarum Innovations to create a world-class bio-bank and personalized medicine company that leverage Apollo’s leadership position in healthcare and Saarum’s cutting-edge life sciences research expertise for novel clinical and R&D applications.

Sapien has exclusive access to the entire Apollo network for its bio-banking needs but will partner with additional research-oriented hospitals and clinics for their personalized medicine and bio-banking needs. Further Sapien has entered into an alliance with Apollo Hospitals that allows Sapien to front-end Apollo’s personalized medicine initiatives. This allows Sapien to bring novel cutting-edge diagnostics to Apollo, either on its own or in collaboration with best-of-breed institutions world-wide thereby enabling world-class healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Sapien’s primary objective is to build a high-quality bio-repository that integrates ethically consented human samples with associated medical, pathological & diagnostic data and leverage this resource to develop & deliver high-end diagnostic applications. Further Sapien will partner with healthcare enterprises and drug discovery companies globally to study disease epidemiology, validate new diagnostics, identify new drug targets and evaluate new drugs.

The Journey so far

Sapien Biosciences is co-founded & managed by the Saarum Innovations team with Sreevatsa Natarajan as the Co-founder & CEO, Jugnu Jain as the Co-Founder & CSO, and Prithi Rajan as the Co-Founder & Executive Director. Between them, they have a collective experience of over 60 years of global R&D experience and bring deep domain expertise in cell & molecular biology and drug & biomarker discovery.

We have come a long way since our inception with the team becoming stronger and more experienced in handling the biobanking needs. We are now geared up to handle multiple research projects involving fresh tissues or frozen tissues or FFPE blocks.

Current activities

In this post genomic era we witness the dawn of “Personalized Medicine”. We are at the cross roads of old conventional ways of delivering “one size fits all” therapy versus individualized genomic medicine where each patient is treated in a truly unique and personalized manner. We are continuously developing novel personalized medicine related products either in-house or in collaboration with like minded organizations.

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What’s next

We are taking the next step in delivering personalized medicine by enabling accelerated drug discovery and development.

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