Vision of the future

To be a premier global biotech that employs human translational platforms for the discovery & development of novel diagnostics, biomarkers & drugs with better clinical outcomes


India / Asia’s Largest World-Class Biobank; Thought Leader In Biobanking

  • Large & diverse sample collection (patient & normal); >0.5-1M samples
  • Unique & potent collections across cancers, rare disorders, Cardiovascular conditions, Type 2 Diabetes etc.
  • Ethical framework & governance in line with global best practices
  • Preferred biobanking partner for hospitals, CDx companies & pharma / biotech companies
Clinical Diagnostics

Proven CDx Enterprise & Preferred Partner For Global Firms

  • Advanced Molecular Dx lab
  • Recognized R&D set-up for clinical & companion Dx development
  • National presence & network to support CDx products & services
  • Pipeline of partnerships with global firms for novel Dx tests
Drug Discovery

Well-recognized & Preferred Partner for Drug Discovery

  • Advanced translational R&D lab to support drug discovery
  • De novo platforms for target / biomarker discovery & screening
  • In-house IP assets that enable licensing revenues
  • Companion Dx projects with global pharma / biotech companies