Only a small minority of Breast Cancer Cases are currently Early Stage and Early Grade

As mentioned in our previous post, it is important to understand the Grade and Stage of #breastcancer to provide the best care for patients. Grade and Stage are linked to patient prognosis with Stage I cases having a >90% survival rate over 5 years.
At Sapien, we examined the Grade and Stage information available for our #biobank breast cancer cases. Grade was available for 6965 patients and Stage for 3415 patients, with missing information being filled in over time. Our distribution shows Grade 1 in only 9% cases, Grade 2 in 51%, and Grade 3 in 40% of cases. Stage II is the most prevalent at 55%, followed by Stage III at 28.4%, with early Stages 0 and I being only 13%. Our goal is to increase awareness of the importance of regular screening through breast self-examination and #mammograms to decrease cases being detected at later Grades and Stages.

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