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Sapien collaborates with Dr. Anjana Rao of La Jolla Institute

It is a pleasure to be working again with Dr. Anjana Rao, Jugnu’s postdoc advisor from Dana Farber Cancer Institute & Harvard Medical School days. Anjana is now the Chair of La Jolla Institute of Allergy and Immunology with a joint appointment at UCSD.  Her lab’s work on Tet family of proteins and their regulation […]

Human medical waste to build biobanks

http://www.journal.ijmio.com/index.php/ijmio/article/view/132 Jugnu Jain, Sreevatsa Natarajan, Soma Chatterjee India has a high disease burden and a large number of patients. There is a tremendous need for Indian biobanks to preserve Indian samples, to capture the great diversity of diseases to spur research into earlier, more precise diagnosis and better treatments for diseases plaguing India. This review […]